Norwegian Hawaiian Cruise

October 25, 2016
Norwegian Jade

The Blue Lagoon, seating 94 passengers is a 24 hour dining room which has no surcharge. It serves simple America ‘comfort food’ (whatever that means) and I found it to be best for lunch and breakfast. I enjoyed scrambled eggs and bacon, Fish & Chip, Potato Skins and a hot Turkey Sandwich on various visits. Service could be quite quick or pretty slow, but strangely this was not always dependent on how full the room was. I had excellent Hot & sour Soup, Szechwan beef sweet and sour pork and Singapore noodles. The JasmineGarden was my other favourite dining room onboard.

The opulent Garden and Courtyard Villas sit on top of Cagney’s and the Star Bar. The lift will take you to deck 14 with the appropriate key card. This keeps the riff-raff out. Guests booked into this accommodation can have private breakfast in Cagney’s. The adjacent Star Bar is used as their private lounge during the day.

The Garden Café is the Buffet and is laid out with various food ‘islands’, providing a good range of good quality food. This ranged from freshly prepared sandwiches, fresh soups, pasta, Pizza, salad and meats, Asia dishes, carved meats and sausages and burgers etc. My only complaint is that with any buffet some dishes were not always kept piping hot. The cups and plates were real china, glasses plastic but trays were not provided. At peak times it could be difficult to find a seat. They had a pretty a pretty impressive range of sauce bottles on all of the tables. Napkins and cutlery were provided on each table which saved trying to find them.

At the aft end of the Garden Buffet, there was a lido deck named “The Great outdoors” in the NCL tradition, offering dining with a sea view. This had a reasonable number of seats and a smaller selection of food and hot drinks available, although you could walk into the main Garden Buffet for more options.

I was pleased to find that the self service coffee machines in the Garden Buffet provided free cappuccino, although they did have a tendency to spit hot milk at the users if they stood too close. Free Juices were available for breakfast from machines. There was also free ice cream available which was very popular with kids.

In the evening the tablecloths and electric candles were added to each table in the garden Café for atmosphere.

An NCL tradition, the ‘Chocoholic Buffet’ was offered in the Garden Café late one evening. For those passengers trying to watch their weight, it may well have been the straw that broke the camels back.

The Grill, is open air on deck twelve amidships and served simple food such as hamburgers and hotdogs next to the pool.

Norwegian Jade Cruise August 2015
Norwegian Jade Cruise August 2015
Norwegian Jade Cruise. June 14th 2014
Norwegian Jade Cruise. June 14th 2014
Norwegian Jade Cruise
Norwegian Jade Cruise
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