Cruise like a Norwegian

December 10, 2016
Cruise Like a Norwegian

Caribbean CruiseGO OFF SEASON:

Although the most popular times to cruise or travel the Caribbean and Bahamas are during the winter or holidays, low season runs from mid-April through mid-December, when accommodations drop to nearly half the price of peak season rates. Although it’s advisable to avoid hurricane season during September and October, planning a Caribbean vacation during low season guarantees plenty of available hotels, cruise deals, deals on package rates, and a relaxed, tourist-free experience.Caribbean Airfare Deals Many local food, film and cultural festivals also take place during the spring and summer months, so doing a quick search for events makes it easier to plan your vacation around a unique, authentic experience that won’t break your budget.


If traveling by air, using airfare trackers like Google’s Flight Explorer, which shows 12 month price lows to and from a certain destination so you know the best time to buy your flight, or Airfare Watchdog, which sends you notifications every time airfare drops, makes traveling the islands affordable, so you have more money to spend exploring during your visit.


If you want to see it all, planning a Caribbean cruise let's you explore several of the "Saints" at once. With stops at island favorites such as St. Thomas and St.Caribbean Cruise Maarten, guests can experience the luxury of island life for less, since many of the ship’s exciting amenities, such as European spa services, Broadway performances and world-class onboard entertainment, come at a fraction of the price of entertainment you’d find on the islands. New cruise ships like Norwegian Cruise Line’s Getaway also offer celebrity dining experiences such as Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s celebrated Ocean Blue.


Choosing the right island is also key. St. Lucia boasts stunning hiking trails and breathtaking snorkeling holes off Pigeon Island that are all accessible without the help of a tour operator. Opt out of a private yacht charter and bring your own hiking boots and snorkeling gear to plan your own adventure. If shopping is more your style, St. Thomas offers the highest duty-free allowance in the Caribbean (capped at $1600), so you can expect to take home all your favorite souvenirs for less. Local bed and breakfasts, open air markets, and locals-only eateries also make this one of the most affordable destinations in the Caribbean.

NCL Cruise Like a Norwegian Commercial (full)
NCL Cruise Like a Norwegian Commercial (full)
Cruise like a Norwegian - Freestyle Cruising
Cruise like a Norwegian - Freestyle Cruising
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cruise like a norwegian 90 1
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