Murder Mystery Dinner Cruises

July 11, 2014
Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

If you’re looking for a little intrigue on the water, and a fabulous evening with friends or family, the Murder Mystery Dining Cruise is for you. This interactive fun evening, created by Argosy Cruises and Events on the Edge Productions combines nighttime views of the Seattle skyline, a delicious Northwest dinner, and local improv comics.


None at this time - 2015 season has ended

Order of Events:

  • Board 30 minutes before departure
  • Depart Pier 55 and Cruise to Blake Island: 45 minute sailing
  • Disembark and enjoy a clam appetizer.
  • Once on shore and in your separate event room, your dinner buffet will begin - along with the mayhem! Enjoy!
  • Return Cruise to Pier 55

What to Expect:


If you'd like to be a part of the show, then this is for you. Your evening of "who-done-it" intrigue is set in an interactive theater-type atmosphere, full of improvisational comedy and audience interaction. We will always keep you guessing! Our professional actors assimilate themselves with all of our guests as they help advance the very loose plotline, and a detective leads the investigation to help you tie clues together and solve the mystery during your event.

Want to set someone in your party up for murder?

Our successful interactive mystery formula relies on information submitted from attending patrons who choose to be involved, or want to set up one of their unsuspecting family members, friends or co-workers (behind their backs of course!) Setting them up is a secret, and half of the fun!

If you would like to participate or set someone up, please let us know when booking, and you will be contacted separately. (Generally we need this information 4 days prior to the event, and there is limited space for participants.)

Do I have to interact to enjoy the show?

Your participation is completely optional. Our interactive comedy mystery shows are structured so that even those who choose not to participate as suspects can still choose to be involved and interact, or just sit back and enjoy the show! Everyone attending can still join in on the fun of helping to solve 'who-done-it!' by filling out answer forms. We even award prizes for some of the most correct, comedic and inventive answers!

Cabaret Seating: Groups of two are seated with other groups for a festive interactive experience.

Buffet Menu

Steamed Clams in Nectar

Traditional Alder Baked Salmon* - cooked around alder wood fires on cedar stakes

Signature Northwest Stew - bison, beef and venison is full of flavors married together in a rich veal stock, combined with root vegetables and potatoes for a mouth-watering dish.

Wild Grain Harvest Rice

Warm Whole Grain Tillicum Bread

Field Greens Salad - Seasonal greens, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, Oregon blue cheese, with stone ground rosemary dressing or raspberry vinaigrette served on the side.

Polenta with Wild Mushroom Ragout A collection of wild Northwest wild mushrooms stewed with white wine and herbs, served over creamy polenta

Fresh Fruit Salad - Assorted Melons, Grapes, Strawberries and Pineapple, served with a Strawberry Honey Dipping Sauce.

Blackberry Crisp - Local Blackberries from Remlinger Farms, baked with a crispy topping of butter, oats and brown sugar. Served warm with whipped cream

All menu items except the clams, salmon, and stew are vegetarian.

Join us on our other live-narrated tours, available year round:

Murder Mystery Dinner / Green Room / Cruise / Thorpe Death
Murder Mystery Dinner / Green Room / Cruise / Thorpe Death
Murder Mystery Cruise.m4v
Murder Mystery Cruise.m4v
Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise aboard these Kemah Yachts
Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise aboard these Kemah Yachts
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