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December 27, 2014
Biggest Cruise Ship to come

Titanic Vs Oasis of the Seas

The RMS Titanic is of course one of the most famous ships ever built, for all the wrong reasons.

It is a well-known fact that she was the biggest ship of the time (1912), but not everybody realises that she would be considered small when compared to today’s cruise ships.

First let me say that the two ships were built almost 100 years apart (Oasis entered service in 2009). Titanic was a multi-class ‘Royal Mail’ steamer built for the transport passengers and mail between NY and the UK, before the era of long-haul flying. Oasis on the other hand is a one-class floating ‘pleasure resort’ designed to cruise the Caribbean.wHyxSE0 Apart from both being passenger ships, they are chalk and cheese, designed in different era’s, with different levels of technology, for very different purposes.

Titanic is of course British (built in Belfast) and Oasis American (but built in Finland). The different methods of construction, different eras and different purposes of each vessel influences the construction, décor and on-board facilities and experience. The two ships are almost beyond comparison. Never the less I will continue….

Some ships are longer, some taller, some wider which makes any comparison confusing. Therefore the standard way of comparing a ships size is gross tonnage (gt). This is not a measurement of weight, it is a measurement of internal volume (space) on board a ship.

Oasis beats the Titanic in every dimension: the Titanic was around 46, 000gt. She could carry a maximum 3547 passengers and crew, in both luxury accommodation and very cramped/basic accommodation (called steerage, because the third class was deep in the ships hull, near the rudder mechanism).

In contrast, Royal Caribbean’s ‘Oasis of the Seas’, the world’s biggest class of ship (in 2009) is 225, 000 gt, which is nearly five times bigger than Titanic. She can carry a maximum of 8, 461 passengers and crew. In terms of length, the Titanic was 269m and Oasis is 360m. The Titanic had 9 decks, Oasis has 16.

One statistic that both ships share is that they could both achieve a maximum speed of around 23 knots. This is quite modest, but I guess that’s was the maximum speed that the Titanic’s coal boilers could deliver and modern cruise ship are not built for high speed. It’s not required for cruising. Another interesting comparison is Cunard’s ‘Queen Mary 2’ (a modern day Ocean Liner) can achieve around 30 knots, if required and she’s around three times bigger than the Titanic at 148, 00 gt. However, propulsion systems has clearly advanced since 1912. Oasis of course does not use coal and steam and does not require a big workforce of boiler ‘stokers’.

Perhaps the most dramatic differences between Titanic and Oasis, apart from the sheer size difference, is that of creature comforts and passenger facilities. Oasis has 2700 passenger cabins, all with air-con, TV, en-suite sink, toilet and a shower. Oasis is of course a ‘one class ship’ with no segregation. In contrast, the Titanic was a three class ship with clear segregation. The majority of Titanic’s cabins were cramped and did not have private baths or toilets. In fact there were only two baths for the 700 third class (steerage) passengers, one for men and one for women.

Let’s not forget that Oasis has the modern methods of communication on-board such as telephones and Internet/E-main facilities. On board the Titanic even the use of Morse-code, via radio, was new technology at the time.

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