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February 26, 2017
Cargo Travel

See where two continents meet

From the west coast of the U.S., embark on an adventure to visit the treasures of southern China. Discover the functioning of the world’s largest container port: Shanghai.

Around the world in 83 days

Follow in the footsteps of the Mayflower, sailing from northern Europe to the U.S. East Coast. From there, head through the Panama Canal to points west and dream destinations like Polynesia, New Caledonia, Australia and New Zealand.

Sail to Brazil!

Cross the Atlantic Ocean: from North Europe to Caribbean Sea, Brazil, Portugal and Spain, multicolored destinations.

From the Rockies to Asian delights

Vivi NavarroLeave the West Coast of Canada and cross the Pacific Ocean to discover Japan and the largest Chinese ports. Would you like to discover the bay of New York at dawn? Then follow your journey to the East Coast of the United States...

The Caribbean route

Cross the Atlantic Ocean from the port of Le Havre to the Caribbean and follow the journey through calls in Guadalupe and Martinique.

From the treasures of the Adriatic to Asia

By letting yourself being carried away by the different atmospheres of the calls, you can be sure to live a complete change of scenery. A trip back to Antique Egypt? Or the hustle and bustle of Singapore? It may be China that will surprise you the most...

Crossing of the Atlantic

Cargo TravelHit the Big Apple after having been immersed by the Mediterranean flavors of Valencia or Tangiers. The world’s seas and continents are within reach.

The unexpected comfort of the Giants of the Seas

With the «Cargo Cruise», you will have the opportunity aboard giant ships, such as the CMA CGM MARCO POLO, longer than the Eiffel Tower with her 396 meters. Once sailing, you will discover the unexpected hospitality quality aboard these steel giants.

The spacious cabins offer full private bathrooms. The relaxations areas are shared with the crew and passengers, and let you rest at your convenience. It also has a reading area, a TV/DVD/VCR room, a gym facility, and even a swimming-pool...

All meals are prepared by the Chef and his Maitre d’Hotel, and are shared with the crew. Passengers are invited to the Captain’s table, turning every meal into a sharing and an exchange opportunity with him and his crew.

Vivi Navarro

Artist aboard the CMA CGM Marco Polo and CMA CGMJules Verne

With its 80 steps, the gangway is breathtaking! Getting aboard the ship was my favorite part of the journey: signing the register, greeting the seafarer who was welcoming me, following the person who took me to my cabin. But what I appreciated the most was to feel the smell of the sea, the vibes of the ship from my sole to the root of my hair! Get the seafarer’s suit on, lay the bag, I mean abandon it, and get on the gangway...

Each boarding is the promise of somewhere new and mysterious, each meeting with the crew is a rewarding, and sharing the experience is the icing on the cake.

Share your adventures!

Want to share your journey aboard the CMA CGM ships? You can publish your pictures, experiences and stories on our social networks with #cargocruise.

Cruise Ship Crashes Into Cargo Ship
Cruise Ship Crashes Into Cargo Ship
cargo container ship cruises
cargo container ship cruises
SF Bay Cargo Ship Cruise Under Bridge
SF Bay Cargo Ship Cruise Under Bridge
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