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May 15, 2016
Premier Cruise Parking Port of

5. Re: Premier Parking Miami Cruise Port

My wife and I recently had the misfortune of dealing with Premier Parking in Miami. This was our very first cruise and we happened to come across Premier Parking while surfing the web on way to Miami, we called, read reviews, felt secure so we booked a space. Now the fun part!

We arrive at the parking lot and traffic was nuts, we finally got pulled into the lot and NO one was there, there was cars parked everywhere, people going all through the parking lot yelling honking their horns, total CHAOS!!

We finally see a lady with a clipboard we ask what was going on, she said they had no parking and we needed to come back in a hour, we explained we had reservations and her response was come back in a hour. Well, we tried to get out of the parking lot, but so many cars were in the way we couldn't.

We call Premier Parking tell them the situation and they tell us, "Do what the lady said and come back in a hour" we explain we can't get out of the parking lot and we wanted our money back if this is how they conduct business, the man on the phone said We would not receive a refund if we didn't park there.

So, we finally are able to move around the parking lot a little (after an hour) and see a empty space, we parked and I went to tell lady we were gonna park there and asked for a ticket or something to put in the window (remember I booked online on way to Miami, had no printed receipt, just email) The lady said just write your reservation # on paper and stick on dash, no problem. While talking to the lady more angry customers are coming back after an hour, still no parking spaces for anyone! They said there was a fire at the port and that is why the people that were suppose to be leaving the parking lot were not back yet, later found out that was a lie. They had only 2 vans running!

So, we are parked, we continue to see very angry customers, horns blowing, taxi's picking people up who don't want to wait on Premier's shuttle and people waiting in line for the shuttle. We waited almost 2 hours in the parking lot for the shuttle to pick us us and take us to port.

I will say one good thing, the driver that took us to port was very nice and helpful, the lady at the parking lot was nice, but offered no help on getting things under control.

We made it to the ship and LOVED the cruise

Getting off the cruise, we see a couple of people with Premier stickers on so we decide to wait in line with them, they were able to get on the first shuttle out, we were not as lucky, we waited for over an hour for a shuttle, we would try to flag down the Premier vans going by and they threw up their hands and said they were full. The traffic officer after an hour seen we were very mad, he mad a call and there was a shuttle that finally came picked my wife and I up as well as other couple. Now the fun begins!

He throws our luggage in the back, never says a word to any of us, we all get in the van his phone rings, he answers Premier Parking (so I assume this guy is the owner or manager of Premier Parking Miami) on the other end was another very angry customer, I could hear the other guy very clearly and he wasn't happy, the driver asked where he was and said he would be there in a minute. The driver proceeds to pull out of the terminal almost hit a car, lays his hand down on the horn and starts cussing drivers out, well we thought we was heading out of the port, NOPE, he turns back into the port picks up the other guy, I assume they one that was on the phone, no one says a word to anyone. The driver gets the other guy in the van and speeds off, the speed limit in the port I believe was 20 or 25, I looked at the guys odometer several times and we were at 45MPH. The other couple that was picked up same time we were very politely asked him to slow down, driver never said a word. We are finally almost out of the port when our driver sees another shuttle service and stops their driver and asks him if he wanted a job, yes in the middle of the road heading out of the Port. We stay there about a min while these 2 guys make plans to meet each other later that evening for a job interview. Finally, on our way to the parking lot the drivers phone rings again and the driver stayed on the phone the entire time we drove back to the parking lot. Finally out of the van, the driver gets all the luggage out of the van (still on the phone) never says a word to anyone and drivers off.

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