Bayonne NJ Cruise Port

July 18, 2014
Cape Liberty Cruise Port - 30

The cruise terminal normally opens at 10:30AM to receive departing passengers. Due to scheduling variances please do not arrive prior to the published time on your ticket.

Upon arrival of the terminal building have your passports or official government photo ID available for security clearance prior to entry.

Due to security restrictions, only ticketed guests will be allowed in the passenger building.
Please have all of your luggage properly tagged prior to arrival.

For Pre-Approved Luncheons and Wedding Visitors

All pre-approved visitors will be required to present official government photo ID upon entry of the terminal building. All minors must be escorted by a parent or authorized adult.

New Boarding Requirements

Important: Change In Documentation & Check-In Requirements For U.S. Departures

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has recently announced new regulations which require all cruise lines to provide final passenger manifests 60 minutes prior to departure from U.S. ports. This means that ALL sailing passengers must arrive at least 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Terminal doors will be closed 90 minutes prior to scheduled sailing time, late arriving passengers will be denied entry due to these new time restrictions. This is a major change from past boarding practices!

Also...All sailing passengers MUST complete their Online Pre-Registration with the cruise line, no later than 6 days prior to sailing! Anyone who does not pre-register online, must arrive 2 hours prior to scheduled departure time to complete this process, late arriving passengers could be denied boarding.


Return arrival information

Passengers will be permitted to exit the vessel once all CBP clearance and arrival services are complete.

Lost Luggage

Please contact Intercruises Shore Side and Port Services, 201-436-2088, to make arrangements to retrieve lost luggage.

New York City from Port Bayonne in New Jersey
New York City from Port Bayonne in New Jersey
Cape Liberty Cruise Port Bayonne NJ
Cape Liberty Cruise Port Bayonne NJ
Cape Liberty Cruise Port, Bayonne, NJ 2014
Cape Liberty Cruise Port, Bayonne, NJ 2014
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