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September 28, 2014
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top cruise deals graphicLucky me – I’ve just won a free Bahamas cruise. The bogus Bahamas cruise scam offer is back

The Royal Bahama Cruise Line just phoned to offer me this wonderful free cruise opportunity so long as I am over 18, own a debit or credit card, can travel in the next 18 months, and am willing to share this great news with my friends on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

When I asked the chirpy voice who identified herself as Maggie what was the name of the ship, how many days this cruise would be, and where it was going, she said, “I’m new here, let me connect you with a supervisor”. That’s when I hung up.

Although the phone number on my caller ID said 609-232-8935, an area code for the southern half of New Jersey, I suspected Maggie might be connecting me to one of those offshore numbers that would cost me $20 or more.

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So I didn’t hear the rest of the pitch. But I already knew.

Royal Bahama Cruise Line seems to be the new name of Caribbean Cruise Line, Florida-based scammer with hundreds of complaints registered with the Florida Attorney-General. Read the ecoXplorer article on the we published in 2012.

The Royal Bahama Cruise Line identifies its ship as the Bahamas Celebration, a retrofitted Baltic ferry operated by Celebration Cruise Line, and which offers budget-priced two-night cruises to Grand Bahama Island from from Palm Beach. is top-rated by CruiseCritic, which also published an expose on the Caribbean Cruise Line scam.

The Caribbean Cruise Line scam involved a $59 non-refundable “reservation fee” picking up a “welcome packet” in Ft. Lauderdale, suffering through a timeshare pitch, and somehow getting yourself to Palm Beach, one hour away, to board your ship, adding significantly to the convenience and cost of your “free” cruise. Also, the scammers lock you in to the least undesirable cabins. None of that is mentioned on the fancy – WARNING – the website opens with Caribbean music.

ecoXplorer warning – If you want to go on a budget-priced two-night cruise to the Bahamas, book directly with top-rated Celebration Cruise Line, and avoid the bogus Bahamas free cruise offer from Royal Bahama Cruise Line. You’ll get the same ship, and it will cost you less than “free”.

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