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October 27, 2014
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First I would like to say that I am a repeat guest of carnival ( I am a gold member). I just got off the Fascination in October 2014 for Halloween cruise it was wonderful. I had no complaints it was fun. So I decided to give my daughter the cruise experience for her 24th birthday ( her first cruise ever). Before my arrival in Jacksonville Carnival called me every day prior to boarding. When I booked this cruise I spoke to several people about my daughter and this being her birthday cruise so my expectations are high. Well on December 6, 2014 the morning we're scheduled to board emails about the ship being delayed due to the fog and not to got to the port this was at 8:45 am . So I requested late checkout from my hotels. Then I received another text saying arrive at 4 pm. When I arrive they said 5 pm gave us directions to a mall until boarding time. Returned at 5 pm only to be sent to parking lot 5 out in no mans land. They stated that they were sill disembarking previous cruisers. My daughter had three seizures while we waited.

Around about 7 pm it was time for my daughters seizure, I was livid. The parking lot security did not want me to leave but I told home her Ativan is in my bag and unless he was willing to unload and unpack and help me search for her meds then let's do it he told me to go onto the boat he would radio ahead. Long story short they boarded me and my family ahead of other guest for medical reasons. My daughter had to be placed in a wheel rolled aboard because she was so out of it. And they still charged my cousin $75.00 to self park. On the boat it got worse. On Monday my daughter complained of her leg itching and it was bleeding so I bandage it with a band-aid by Wednesday that is when I discovered the bed bugs. I found the shedded skin in my dresser drawers, that Wednesday morning grossed out I looked under the bed closets and I packed every piece of clothing we had back into our into our luggage. When I went to check the bed that is when I saw the bedbugs. I pulled it off with piece of tissue to make sure I was seeing what I was looking at.When I pulled it off there was blood on my sheets. Well my daughters blood. I Immediately took the tissue with the shedded skin and bed bug to the pursers desk/ guest services.

They said the were sending sanitation. They said I had to clear out of my cabin and with no help I moved all my luggage, my sleeping daughter and wheelchair with no help from the stewards or sanitation. They finished no one called me to follow up and when I moved my daughter and luggage back into my room again with no help. My pillow cases were still dirty and grimmy. So I took both of them to guest services.

The housekeeping supervisor was called and for the third time that day all by 3pm my ed sheets were changed again.. When I got home and called carnival Friday morning. The customer service informed me that they found no bedbugs. She was the first to inform me about this and I did not leave the shop till Thursday. But I have pictures, the bloody bandage from my daughters leg and the sheet that has the blood stain on it. I am very disappointed in Carnival and being a repeat guest I feel they did not fix or made me feel like an important VIFP( very important fun person) like my sail and sign card states.

Feeling some kinda of way about carnival right here -

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