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September 30, 2017
Carnival Cruise Lines ships
carnival ships by age

Carnival Cruise Ships by Year Built & Renovated

Do you want the newest carnival ship, or do you prefer one with a few hundred thousand miles under its hull? There’s something to be said about the bells and whistles that come with a new vessel. But, others prefer the nostalgia and character of the older Carnival ships.

Another factor to consider when contemplating your next Carnival Cruise Ship Age, is the year it was last renovated. With some of these refurbishments, the ships come out looking brand new. The cruise lines have been known to spend tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars bringing these ships to the status of their much younger contemporaries.

We’ll let you decide on the Carnival Ship Age that’s right for you. In the following infograph, we’ve made it as easy as possible to visualize your ships age versus the rest of the Carnival Fleet. We’ve also included a schedule of when each ship was renovated. If you have a strong preference of New vs. Old, you can refer to this chart and make sure you’re picking the Carnival Cruise Ship that’s right for you!

Carnival Ships by Age & Date Renovated

As you can see, the newest Carnival Cruise Ship will be coming out in 2018. It hasn’t yet been named, but you can be sure we’ll be tracking it and get it up there when possible.

If you’re wondering – what’s the difference in price between cruising on the newest and oldest ship, you can check out the following pricing options. Toggle through the dates and compare the difference between the two ends of the spectrum.

Oldest Carnival Ship – Carnival Fantasy – Cruise Prices

And if you’re not one for beautiful, colored infographs, here’s the same info laid out in a much more boringly consumable fashion.

Carnival Cruise Corp. Fleet 2016
Carnival Cruise Corp. Fleet 2016
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Carnival Cruise Lines Fleet
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